CCBC Catonsville Historical Signage Project

Follow the signs throughout the CCBC Catonsville campus for a self-guided walking tour of the historic grounds.

The land on which CCBC's Catonsville campus is situated is rich in history and has deep connections to community heritage. These 10 signs, located throughout the CCBC Catonsville campus, tell the stories of people who once lived and labored here. From the 1600s through the early 1900s, this campus and surrounding area was the center of various businesses ranging from iron works, tobacco cultivation, horse breeding and training, and dairy farming. The success of these endeavors often rested on the backs of people of color.

Visitors rarely get the chance to explore the legacy of this property. CCBC is dedicated to promoting Maryland’s diverse history and culture by presenting the stories of people who are often ignored by traditional media. Every effort was made to include the variety of activities over time that are part of the rich heritage of this land. Many stories remain untold, but we hope these signs inspire you to explore these topics further.

CCBC History and Africana Studies Professor Michelle Diane Wright
researched each of the 10 campus sites using both primary and
secondary sources. The interpretive signs were made possible through a grant from the Maryland Heritage Areas program.