Mace Family Cemetery at CCBC Essex

Cemeteries holds the stories of people who have lived in the past, people who have shaped our past.”-Bierhans

The Mace Family cemetery is a small family cemetery and historic site located on the Essex campus of the Community College of Baltimore County. Seated on the hillside of the outer perimeter of the campus is the the burial site of the Mace family, white plantation owners who previously resided on the land. The family owned and managed the farm in the eastern part of Baltimore County for 140 years. Family patriarch John H. Mace (1825-1869) holds a prominent place in the family cemetery.

The cemetery is surrounded by the burial sites of at least another 27 bodies, believed to be that of enslaved members of the Mace household. These remains were discovered using advanced technologies of ground penetrating radar. Unlike the members of the Mace family, most enslaved African Americans were buried with no gravestones or acknowledgement of any sort.